Learning Goals

Learning Goals

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our students develop an understanding of and appreciation for chemistry and to inspire and enable them to learn the practical and critical thinking skills necessary to both excel in their careers and to contribute to society as scientifically literate citizens. We believe that this mission is best accomplished using a two-pronged strategy:

  1. by applying proven and innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the classroom and the laboratory; and
  2. by coupling our classroom pedagogy to high-quality research at the frontiers of chemistry.

Download the Mapping Learning Goals to the Chemistry Curriculum Chart

Learning Outcomes for the Chemistry Major

Our students will understand, integrate, apply, and communicate fundamental and emerging chemical principles, moving from guided to self-designed investigations through courses or independent research.  Our students will achieve these outcomes by meeting knowledge and skill-based competencies.

Chemistry Knowledge Competencies

  1. Structure and properties
  2. Synthesis, reactivity, and transformation
  3. Energy, equilibrium, and kinetics
  4. Models and measurements

Skill-Based Competencies

  1. Apply problem-solving strategies to quantitative and conceptual problems
  2. Perform routine laboratory activities safely and responsibly
  3. Document laboratory activities and manage data responsibly and ethically
  4. Use chemical instruments with an understanding of their principles, capabilities, and outputs
  5. Interpret complex data sets and propose evidence-based conclusions
  6. Apply theoretical, conceptual, and empirical models
  7. Search, engage, and evaluate scientific literature and databases
  8. Communicate chemistry effectively in written, visual, and oral formats
  9. Work collaboratively
  10. Independently propose, design, and implement experiments and approaches to address questions in chemistry

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