Payment Policy

Students must have current accounts to register for courses, to enroll for the semester, or to be approved to study off-campus. Diplomas and transcripts may not be available to current or former students with past due accounts if such student owes $2,500 or more. Bowdoin reserves the right to require a repayment plan for the release of diplomas and transcripts.  Bowdoin also reserves the right to require students and former students to disclose the reason for the request for the release of the transcript or diploma prior to entry into a repayment plan.

An account is considered current when: it is paid in full, or an installment payment plan sufficient to cover the semester bill is active and payments are on schedule, and/or applications for student/parent loans sufficient to cover the semester bill are filed with the lender before the semester begins, and in good order.

Semester Enrollment: The Registrar's Office conducts enrollment during the first week of each semester. Students who have not enrolled for any reason at the end of that week are dropped from classes. A student may be placed on an involuntary leave of absence if his/her account is not current by the end of the enrollment period. (See the Bowdoin College Catalogue, Expenses section).

Students acknowledge and agree to the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement at the time of semester enrollment. 

Course Registration: The Registrar's Office holds course registration in April for the coming fall semester, and in November for the coming spring semester.

Off-Campus Study:  Students must have current accounts to be approved to study off-campus.

Withdrawal from the College: Tuition and fees are canceled in full if a student officially withdraws from the College prior to the start of classes. Later withdrawals are subject to the refund schedule published in the Bowdoin College Catalogue, Expenses section.