Workshops and Events

The Baldwin Center offers Bowdoin faculty a wide variety of opportunities for professional development. For information and workshops specifically related to teaching online, faculty should visit Bowdoin Online Learning and Teaching (BOLT). Here is a helpful resource page for finding tutorials and info about using Zoom, Bookings, and Microsoft Teams.

Upcoming Virtual Events and Programs

For the time being, all events are being held online. In addition to those listed below, more workshops of interest to faculty may be found here or in the Faculty Orientation Course on Blackboard. 

Faculty Orientation Course for Online Teaching and Learning 

The faculty orientation course contains a series of resources to help you deliver an engaging and quality online course experience. There are guides, white papers, and tutorials that are organized and sequenced within three overarching phases of online course development — planning your course, building within the LMS, and teaching students in the online modality. Open to Bowdoin College faculty.

Summer, 2020. Ongoing. This is an asynchronous course on Blackboard. 

Teaching Writing with Blackboard: Peer Review, Written Feedback, and Collaboration

Led by Meredith McCarroll, Director of Writing and Rhetoric, Baldwin Center and Jennifer Snow, Educational Research Consultant, Academic Technology. Open to all Bowdoin College faculty. 

Monday, August 10, 10-11 am, on Zoom. 
Zoom link available in Teaching Times, F/S Digest or contact Meredith McCarroll.

CBB Course Design Experience 2020

The Colby, Bates, & Bowdoin (CBB) Course Design Experience (CDE) is a place for faculty and instructors to start the design of a new course or rethink the design of a pre-existing course. The CDE is a learner-centered experience that allows each participant to spend time working on the elements of their courses that need the most attention (Learning Goals, Assignments, Learning Activities) while engaging in conversation with the facilitation team, fellow educators and colleagues. Ultimately, this experience will help faculty and instructors to develop courses for in-person and online contexts that promote deep learning, support academic integrity, reflect the needs of diverse learners, and enhance the academic experience for all learners. Bowdoin Lead Facilitators: Katie Byrnes & Irina Popescu. Open to Colby, Bates and Bowdoin faculty members.

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday August 11-13, 3-day Intensive, on Zoom.
Live Sessions: 9-10am Webinar, 1-2pm Small group meetings; 3-4pm Reflection


Integrating Library Resources in FYWS

Panel discussion with Karen Jung and Beth Hoppe about ways to integrate library resources into your FYWS to ensure that our First-Year students learn about the resources available to them at Bowdoin. Limited to Bowdoin FYWS Faculty.

Friday, August 14, 10-11, on Zoom.
Contact: Meredith McCarroll

Fostering Academic Integrity in FYWS

Panel discussion with Kate O'Grady and members of the judicial board to understand ways to integrate academic integrity into your FYWS and ensure that our First-year students are equipped with the skills that they need as they transition to Bowdoin. Limited to FYWS faculty. 

Thursday, August 20, 10:30-11:30, on Zoom.
Contact: Meredith McCarroll 

Colby, Bates & Bowdoin Pedagogy Matters Conference

Keynote & Workshop: Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh, author of The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion. Open to Colby, Bates and Bowdoin faculty members.

August 21, 2020, on Zoom.