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Current Exhibitions:

May 19, 2016 - August 21, 2016
Zuckert Seminar Room
Focused on the lives of three women rendered in detailed paintings by Barbara Cooney, this exhibition explores how Cooney crafted rich biographies in text and image.
April 26, 2016 - November 27, 2016
Markell Gallery
This installation brings together paintings dating to the period 1350–1500 and prior influences, including ancient and medieval sculpture.
April 12, 2016 - June 05, 2016
Becker Gallery
This exhibition examines the works of artists employed by European courts in the 16th century, such as the Medici in Florence, French royalty at Fontainebleau, and the Holy Roman Imperial courts in Vienna and Prague
March 31, 2016 - September 04, 2016
Shaw Ruddock Gallery
Boyd Gallery
The exhibition presents a survey of the work of Luke DuBois, a New York based composer, computer programmer, filmmaker, and installation artist
November 05, 2015 - June 05, 2016
Focus Gallery
Bernard and Barbro Osher Gallery
Halford Gallery
Center Gallery
The Offer of the College serves as an inspiration for this selection of works from the collection that span the entire history of Bowdoin College.
Opened April 28, 2015
Walker Gallery
This exhibition considers the representation of contests in ancient art.
Opened January 15, 2015
Bowdoin Gallery
This exhibition brings together works from Bowdoin’s collection with important recent acquisitions that offer new perspectives on the art of Europe and the transatlantic colonies.
Opened November 11, 2014
This innovative website revisits the seminal exhibition, "The Portrayal of the Negro in American Painting," organized by the Bowdoin College Museum of Art in 1964.