Students in the Field

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Students in the Field

Bowdoin faculty and students have been doing fieldwork in the arctic since Prof. Paul A. Chadbourne first took students from Bowdoin and Williams north to Labrador and Greenland in 1860. Today, students continue to participate in northern fieldwork. The photo gallery highlights some of the work students have done over the years. More recently, technology has allowed students in the field to share their experiences more directly. Using satellite phones to call and leave digital voicemail messages, Eli Bossin, '09 and Allison Weisburger '10 kept audio blogs while doing archaeology in northwestern Greenland in 2008 and 2009. Eli describes his experiences here as well. Kristina Sorg, 09 was in Greenland in 2008 as well, assisting with research at Summit Camp on the Greenland ice cap. You can hear her talking about her experiences here

Summer at Cape Grinnell: The Inglefield Archeology Land Project

Cape Grinnell


Paris Fjord, Greenland

Paris Fjord


Audio Slideshows

Hillary Hooke '09 Kristina Sorg '09 Eli Bossin '09
Audio Slideshow Hillary Hooke '09 Audio Slideshow Kristina Sorg '09 Audio SlideshowEli Bossin '09