Published April 11, 2022

Voyage to Kitsissut: Early Watercraft and Species Relationships in Avanersuqq, NW Greenland

In an April 6th webinar with the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, Archaeologist Matthew Walls discussed his work at Kitsissut, a remote group of islands off Northwest Greenland that were settled by Early Paleo-Inuit people (4500-2700 years ago).

Kitsissut can only be accessed by crossing a difficult stretch of water that remains open
year-round. To reach the islands, Paleo-Inuit must have built and used navigable watercraft. This conclusion offers new insights into the Early Paleo-Inuit’s relationship with both marine and terrestrial species and ecosystems. This talk will discuss these findings and explore the creativity of Early Paleo-Inuit and the historical structure of High Arctic environments.

Below is a link to the previously recorded webinar.