1794 Society

The 1794 Society includes alumni, parents, and friends who are committed to investing in opportunities and experiences for today’s students by making significant, unrestricted current-use gifts. The collective contributions from these individuals provides more than 80% of Bowdoin's annual giving totals.

1794 donors play a vital role in Bowdoin’s ability to remain one of only twenty college and universities in the country offering a combination of need-blind admission and no-loan financial aid. Bowdoin remains committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of each admitted student, providing an enduring and rigorous liberal arts education, and offering opportunities and resources to land their first great job.

"I support the College at the leadership level to continue its mission of providing equal opportunity and access to a Bowdoin education."
-Claire Newton '02

1794 Society Impact Report
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1794 Society Giving Levels

Join the 1794 Society by making a gift today. You may choose to spread your gift over twelve months by selecting the 'recurring gift' option.

Annual Fund (Alumni, Parents, PBAF, Friends)  Annual Gift Total
President's Associates $100,000+
Joseph McKeen Associates $50,000
Harriet Beecher Stowe Associates $25,000
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Associates $10,000
Kenneth C.M. Sills Associates $5,000
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Associates $2,500
Nathaniel Hawthorne Associates $2,000

Young Alumni Leadership

In recognition of growing leadership from our youngest alumni, these step-up levels provide entry into the 1794 Society.

Make a gift today and join the young alumni cohort of the 1794 Society. You may choose to spread your gift over twelve months by selecting the 'recurring gift' option.

Young Alumni Step Up Levels Annual Gift Total
9th year post-graduation (2015 and Class of 1962 and older) $1,000 ($84/mo)
7th and 8th year post-graduation ('16-'17) $750 ($63/mo)
5th and 6th year post-graduation ('18-'19) $500 ($42/mo)
3rd and 4th year post-graduation ('20-'21) $250 ($21/mo)
1st and 2nd year post-graduation ('22-'23) $100 ($9/mo)


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