Senior Parents Gift Campaign

The Senior Parents Gift Campaign (SPGC) is a meaningful opportunity for families of seniors to celebrate and honor their students, and to recognize the exceptional experience that they have had at Bowdoin.

Our students, and their friends whom we have come to know and love, have all found their own way at Bowdoin. They have thrived thanks to this community and for that we are honored to co-chair the SPGC. This campaign celebrates the dynamic class of 2020 and its many accomplishments. We hope you will join us with a gift to the SPGC.

Senior Parents Gift Campaign 2020 Co-Chairs

Cindy and Seth Lawry P'20

Teresa Mastrangelo and Eric Bendickson P'20

Look how far they’ve come: Move-In Day and Orientation for the Class of 2020 from Fall '16
This is the offer of the college for the best four years of your life.