Irma Cheatham Summer Research Fellowship Award Recipients

Summer 2021

Kaprice Brathwaite will pursue a project entitled "Medical Practices in the Black Community" (with Judith Casselberry).

Summer 2018

Benjamin Hopkins '20: "How do mobility programs and scholarships help African students attend higher education institutions in France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America?"

Maurice Asare '19: "Rendering the invisible visible: a narration of black women’s struggle against state violence"

Summer 2017

Tanisha Francis '18: "The Legacy of Black Women in Prisons in the American South"

LaShanda Harbin '18: "The Repercussions of Violence on Schools in Ghettos"

Summer 2016

Sarah Washington '17: "From Black Power to Black Lives Matter"

Summer 2015

Matthew Williams '16: "Telling Black Stories"