Africana Studies Major


The major in Africana studies consists of nine courses. There are two tracks or concentrations:

Required Courses
AFRS 1101Introduction to Africana Studies1
Select one 2000-level Africana studies intermediate seminar.1
Select one 3000-level Africana studies senior seminar.1
Select six additional Africana studies electives. a,b,c6

For both concentrations:

  • A maximum of two courses, either as an intermediate or advanced level independent study course or a course taken at another college or university, can count toward the major.

  • An approved honors project fulfills the senior seminar requirement. A complete honors project comprises two semesters of work.

Africana Studies Minor

The minor in Africana studies consists of five courses.
Required courses
AFRS 1101Introduction to Africana Studies1
Select four Africana studies elective courses from either of the two Africana studies tracks. d,e4

Additional Information and Program Policies

  • A first-year writing seminar in Africana studies counts toward the major or minor in Africana studies.

  • Courses that count toward the major or minor must be taken for regular letter grades, and students must earn grades of C- or better.

  • The chair of Africana studies will work with students to discuss double-counting cross-listed courses with other departments or programs. 

Information for Incoming Students

This fall, we will be offering one section of  AFRS 1101 Introduction to Africana Studies; it is capped at 50 students and often fills. This class will likely also be offered in the spring, depending on student demand. All Africana studies classes are open to first-year students, with the exception of those taught at the 3000-level.  Most of our courses attract students from all class years and academic interests, allowing first-years to get to know their fellow students in different years and with different levels of academic experience. There are many courses appropriate for first-year students that are cross-listed in other departments such as history, English, Francophone studies, anthropology and sociology. If you have questions about any of these courses, contact the department chair: Professor Brian Purnell.

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