Green Tea Podcast

“It’s all a big ball of connected everythings” -Justin Baumann, Ep. 4.7
Green Tea hosts Diego and Marie sit behind the mics in the WBOR recording studio
Green Tea hosts Juliette and Holden, ready to record in the WBOR radio studio.

Green Tea was created in 2019 by sustainability student employees Diego Velasquez '20 and Marie Caspard '20 to tell stories about sustainability from the perspective of faculty, staff, students, and community members. Since Spring 2021, new co-hosts Holden Turner '21 and Juliette Min '22 have continued the show through periods of remote and hybrid learning, and as of fall 2021 are bringing the show back into the WBOR studio where it all began. In Spring 2022, new co-host Nick Sibiryakov '25 joins Juliette Min '22 back in WBOR to share more sustainable stories.

Find all episodes below, or on Soundcloud. If you are interested in sharing ideas or stories, please email Juliette Min '22 at or Nick Sibiryakov '25 at  - and thanks for listening!

Season 6

Green Tea season six recounts programming and events put on by the Sustainability Office and beyond to encourage sustainability and climate action as well as address eco-anxiety in the Spring of 2022.

Season 5: Coming Back, Looking Forward

Green Tea's fifth season finds us back on campus for a new school year in the wake of remote learning. With new and returning Bowdoin students, Green Tea is hosting discussion of rebuilding community and regrowing traditions. How is campus looking inward to remake the college experience? Where are community members looking outwards for inspiration as we navigate the world beyond Brunswick?

Season 4: Sustaining Bowdoin

For Green Tea's fourth season, Holden and Juliette explore new angles of sustainability. Each episode brings a fresh perspective on what sustainability means, linking ideas of care and community as we seek to sustain each other through challenges at Bowdoin and beyond.

Season 3: Sustainability through Change

For Green Tea's third season, Marie and new co-host Holden Turner '21 catch up with people at Bowdoin and across the community who are creatively responding to change and uncertainty during the fall of 2020. Coronavirus, the messy political season, and a host of other news items haven't stopped people from making ripples for good across their communities, whether it's through personal action, innovative businesses, or working for the common good. 

Season 2: Fishing, Farming and Environmentalism 

Beginning in February 2020, Diego and Marie interview community members, students and institutions about their connection to sustainable food systems, the nexus between environmentalism and spirituality, and sustainability in areas that at first appear antithetical to this core idea.

Season 1: Climate Activism, Sustainability Through Creativity and Local Business

In the first season of Green Tea, Diego and Marie set out to find out what sustainability really means from a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, and personalities. This first season addresses climate activism, sustainable activities and practices, and local business.