Educating the Next Generation of Leaders

As a leading liberal arts institution, Bowdoin recognizes that its biggest opportunity to make a difference is in preparing students for one of the most pressing issues of their lifetimes. 

Sustainability Across the Curriculum

The academic program represents the core mission of the College. Bowdoin faculty, staff, and students are deeply engaged in climate and sustainability issues, and the College curriculum and support for research and programming are essential components of Bowdoin’s 2042 Climate Action Plan. Educating the next generation of leaders about climate change is fundamental to the College’s purpose—and a liberal arts education is uniquely suited to the challenges of understanding climate change and addressing sustainability. With intentional facilitation of synergistic cross-campus action, the College’s academic mission can be integrated with its effort to address climate change over the next 10 years to achieve the following academic goals:

  1. Raise visibility of our existing climate and sustainability curriculum, scholarship, events and action on campus.
  2. Facilitate curriculum development on climate and sustainability topics.
  3. Facilitate interdisciplinary research and outreach on climate and sustainability issues.
  4. Facilitate data availability in digestible form.

Read more about the academic support for Bowdoin's climate action plan here.

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