National Merit Scholarships

National Merit Scholars

To receive National Merit Scholarship support from Bowdoin, finalists must name Bowdoin College as their first choice institution. Finalists can report their college choice using the Online Scholarship Application.

Bowdoin National Merit Scholars who are eligible for Bowdoin's institutional financial aid receive a renewable $2,000 award. This does not reduce eligibility for grants from Bowdoin. National Merit Scholars who are not eligible for Bowdoin financial aid receive a renewable $1,000 recognition award.

National Merit Foundation Scholars

All National Merit Foundation Scholars are offered a one-time $2,500 award. If they are eligible for Bowdoin grant aid, they will also receive a $2,000 merit scholarship from the College in their remaining three years if demonstrated financial need persists. National Merit Foundation Scholars who do not qualify for Bowdoin grant aid will receive a $1,000 merit scholarship in their remaining three years.

Corporate-Sponsored National Merit Scholars

Corporate-sponsored awards are of varying amounts and may or may not be renewable. The renewal of these awards and award amounts are determined annually by the corporation sponsoring the award and may vary from year to year.

National Merit Renewal

All official notification regarding any of the National Merit Scholarship programs will be sent to the student directly from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Scholars will receive detailed instructions for scholarship renewal from NMSC in the spring.