About Us

The programs and services provided by the Division of Student Affairs exist to support students and the College in developing and maintaining the learning community. Staff throughout the Division of Student Affairs assist students with their studies, their leadership and social growth, their well-being, and their future.


Our vision is to create an inclusive campus community that offers diverse and formative experiences, while supporting and challenging those within, so that individual students can reach their full academic, personal, and professional potential at Bowdoin and beyond.


Our mission is to:

  • enhance the education of the whole student by providing enriching experiences, services, and programs defined by excellence and innovation;
  • push students to stretch themselves beyond the familiar and comfortable while also helping them confront problems and doubts and persevere through challenges;
  • promote a safe, respectful and healthy environment that underpins and reinforces student learning and personal growth;
  • cultivate active, spirited and inclusive communities where students offer mutual support and learn through dialogue, disagreement and their own self-reflection;
  • create lifelong connections among students, the College, and the State of Maine.


We are committed to supporting and enhancing the educational mission of the College through practicing and fostering:

  • academic, personal and professional integrity
  • respect, equity, inclusivity and honesty
  • individual and group responsibility and accountability
  • collaboration, compassion, and mutual support
  • divergent ideas and viewpoints
  • vital engagement in academic and extracurricular pursuits
  • thoughtful risk taking that leads to innovation, growth and development
  • self-reflection for the purpose of exploring meaning, happiness and life calling
  • a dedication to being one’s best
  • a commitment to the Common Good