Class of 1982 – 40th Reunion

Reunion registration is now open!

A Bowdoin Reunion is a truly unforgettable experience! This incredible weekend is June 2–5 and will be chock-full of joy, entertainment, activities, memories, and of course, Bowdoin dining. You don’t want to miss it!

Weekend highlights for the the 40th Reunion:

Class Headquarters: Howell House

  • Friday evening class reception and dinner at Mere Point catered by Mae's Cafe & Bakery, owned by Ned Horton '82 and managed by Julie Bertola Cook '82
  • Saturday afternoon on the Quad, traditional Maine lobster bake, and a class party with The Photons!
  • Sunday morning Reunion Memorial Service to remember classmates Matthew Tasley '82, David Powers '82, Philip Boggs '82, Erica Roth Campbell '82, and John Hoffman '82

To check out the full Reunion Weekend schedule and highlights for your 40th Reunion, please click here.

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Reception at the Mere Point Yacht Club
Friday, June 3 
5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

There is no parking available on Mere Point. Guests are asked to please respect Mere Point residents and make use of the provided transportation. Please choose from the following:

1) Take the shuttle from the Hyde Plaza Granite Polar bear on campus at 4:45 p.m. Please arrive early as the bus will leave on time.


2) Take the shuttle from the Mere Point Town Landing parking lot beginning at 5:00 p.m.


From class headquarters at Howell House (formerly known as AD) located at 228 Maine Street, turn right onto Maine Street for 1.3 miles. Maine Street bears left and becomes Mere Point Road. Stay on Mere Point road for approximately 5.4 miles. The Town Landing parking lot will be on your left just after Birch Island Road. The shuttle will make pick-ups from the Town Landing at 5:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m., and 6:00p.m. and will make return trips to the parking lot and campus at 8:00 p.m.

Look Who’s Registered for Reunion Weekend

As of May 26, the following classmates have registered for the 40th Reunion.

Mike Batal ’82
Peggy Fazzano Batchelder ’82
Tim Benoit ’82
Carolyn Richins Blanks ’82
Rob Blanks ’82
Sarah Bronson ’82
David Brower ’82
Kate Greene Brower ’82
Kathy Davis Cadigan ’82
Rocco Ciocca ’82
Graham Cody ’82
Julie Bertola Cook ’82
Diane Houghton Cordeiro ’82
Mark Corner ’82
Rick D'Auteuil ’82
Tom Downes ’82
Gil Eaton ’82
Dave Emerson ’82
Cindy Martin Blanchard ’82
Andrea Fish ’82
Gaby Hager ’82
Lauren Tenney Herter ’82
Karen Soderberg Hinchliffe ’82
Nan Donlin Hinton ’82
Lynn Hobin ’82
Brett Hodess ’82
Heather Holmes Floyd ’82
Ned Horton ’82
Dori Stauss Hutchinson ’82
Fran Hutchinson ’82
Hutch Hutchinson ’82
Tasha vanderLinde Irving ’82
Kelly Stearns Irwin ’82
Tuck Irwin ’82
Jim Jenson ’82
Tyree Jones ’82
Sue Barry Kerby ’82
Tom King ’82
Chris Kraus ’82
Ann Morrill LaBrode ’82
Dunbar Lockwood ’82
Chris Loughlin ’82
Mark Luz ’82
Susan Mansfield ’82
Diana Churchman Mason ’82
Dora Mills ’82
Kim Labbe Mills ’82
Cheryl Menice Mitchell ’82
Janet Belanger Morrow ’82
Sue Moyle ’82
Anne Marie Murphy ’82
LeeAnn Evans Nash ’82
Mike Nash ’82
John Navratil ’82
Kristen Kolkhorst Nelson ’82
Carrie Niederman ’82
Ann Chambers Noble ’82
Andrea Oser ’82
John Powell ’82
A.J. Preece ’82
David Prescott ’82
E.T. Price ’82
Mike Quinlan ’82
Steve Rapkin ’82
Linda Atlas ’82
Susan Reis-Renvyle ’82
Russ Renvyle ’82
Susan Jackson Rodgers ’82
Louise Roman ’82
Susan Rosen ’82
Andy Schilling ’82
Bob Segal ’82
Randy Shaw ’82
Keith Shortall ’82
Patricia Simboli ’82
Basi Tate ’82
Doug Taylor ’82
Amy Van Doren ’82
Ted Walbridge ’82
Roger Waldron ’82
Tina Wang ’82
Bill Webber ’82
Bill Whitmore ’82
Frank Whittier ’82
Greg Wright ’82
Eric Zelz ’82