College House Leadership Committees

College House Leadership Committees are one of the student leadership groups under the Office of Residential Life. Each of the eight College Houses has five committees that help facilitate programming and community building within each house.

Sophomore Programming and Cohesion

This committee is charged with designing and implementing programs and opportunities for the sophomore class to engage, form class identity, and proactively engage with issues specific to the sophomore experience.

  • Baxter House: Emmanuel Okyere
  • Boody-Johnson House: Charlie Bonney
  • Burnett House: Olivia Kenney
  • Helmreich House: Michael Gordon
  • Howell House: Linguo Ren
  • MacMillan House: Gracie Scheve
  • Quinby House: Rebecca Vakarau
  • Reed House: Charlie Allen

Co-curricular Partnerships 

Coordinate with non-academic campus partners to develop and implement programs that will expose students to a variety of viewpoints, interests, and activities.  

  • Baxter House: Zerimar Ramirez
  • Boody-Johnson House: Tom Hall
  • Burnett House: Alfonso Garcia
  • Helmreich House: Eleina Sturk
  • Howell House: Khue Anh Tran
  • MacMillan House: Rachel Lin
  • Quinby House: John Erlandson
  • Reed House: Hayden Byrne

Diversity and Inclusion  

Work within the Houses and through programming to create inclusive living spaces and community building events for house members and all students.  

  • Baxter House: Alexandra Camargo
  • Boody-Johnson House: Sammy Dereje
  • Burnett House: Emiko McLean
  • Helmreich House: Alina Dau
  • Howell House: Rania Janmohamed
  • MacMillan House: Jimmy Song
  • Quinby House: Arly Rodriguez
  • Reed House: Yanevith Pena

Academic Partnerships 

Coordinate with academic partners across campus to develop and implement programs that will expose students to a variety of academic pursuits. 

  • Baxter House: Eleanor Donahue
  • Boody-Johnson House: Quinn Battagliese
  • Burnett House: Sophie Yook
  • Helmreich House: Marc Rosenthal
  • Howell House: Chris Zhang
  • MacMillan House: Nadia Puente
  • Quinby House: Kaitlyn Brunner
  • Reed House: Abhi Nagireddygari

Town and Community Engagement 

Work to build a strong relationship with Brunswick and the greater Brunswick community. Through guidance from the McKeen Center, students can work with local organizations, develop fundraising events for causes, and collaborate within the Brunswick community to build strong town/gown relations.

  • Baxter House: Mary Henthorn
  • Boody-Johnson House: Josh Goldstein
  • Burnett House: Janet Briggs
  • Helmreich House: Gabe Gitter-Dentz
  • Howell House: Joseph Park
  • MacMillan House: Aden Ho
  • Quinby House: Austria Morehouse
  • Reed House: Gracie Loney