Anne Hayden

Affiliation: Environmental Studies
Teaching Associate

Anne joined Bowdoin College in 2002 as an adjunct lecturer. She currently teaches a senior seminar on the Gulf of Maine fisheries. In addition to lecturing at Bowdoin, she currently is the Downeast Fisheries Partnership coordinator for Manomet. As coordinator, she aims to organize a collaborative effort to rebuild a diversified fisheries-based economy in Downeast Maine. Previously, Anne was an independent consultant focusing on marine research, policy and management. Her recent projects include assessment of the potential impacts of climate change on Maine’s lobster fishery and analysis of the mismatch between ecological and management boundaries in federal fisheries management programs. She has also been on the boards of Maine Audubon Society, the Maine chapter of the Nature Conservancy and the Penobscot East Resource Center. Currently, she is a member of the Maine State Board of the Conservation Law Foundation and the Davis Conservation Foundation.


  • B.A., American History and Literature, Harvard University
  • M.S., Forestry and Environmental Studies, Duke University