The Machine Shop

The Bowdoin Machine Shop, located in Searles Hall Basement, Room 20, supports the Physics and Astronomy Department by Constructing Special Apparatuses For:

  • Classroom demonstrations
  • Student use in the teaching laboratories
  • The research activities of faculty and students

Does the Machine Shop accept project requests from other departments? 

Yes! Involve the Machine Shop From Concept to Finished Project

Other departments frequently make use of shop services. With two computer-controlled machine tools, various conventional machine tools, and welding, sheet metal and woodworking machinery, the shop is equipped to assist with any project your department might have. 

  • The project may be designed to take advantage of shop capabilities and materials on hand to save cost.
  • The mechanic will make suggestions to simplify the design or to add more complex features if in either case it will enhance the experimental research or the quality of teaching.
  • Design features that you may think are overly complex to produce may not be so given early input from the shop.

Get started on a project by submitting a project work request form.

How long will it take for my requested project to be completed?


  • The shop accepts request for work from all departments.
  • Some rush or emergency requests are unavoidable. Whenever possible, such work will be done within normal priorities due to our commitment to the support of all programs.
  • The more lead time that you give the shop, the easier it will be to find a block of time to do your project.

Is there a fee or cost for projects?

Cost of Shop Services

  • No labor charges to any department for work performed within normal priorities.
  • Labor at time and a half when the urgency of a job adversely impacts prior shop commitments.
  • Required materials not presently on hand with all leftover materials remaining in shop stock for use on other projects.
  • Necessary consumable tooling such as cutting tools, abrasives, and welding rod not presently on hand.
  • Nonconsumable tooling, measuring instrumentation and machinery needed specifically for the job. To be discussed at the time of the work request.

Shop Information

Machinist: Ben King
Location: Room 20, Searles Science Building
Phone: (207) 721 5244
Project Work Request Form

Be sure to contact the shop early in the conceptual phase of the project and provide specifications or basic requirements.