Bowdoin values making study away financially transparent and accessible for all students.

Families who receive Bowdoin aid will be able to transfer that aid toward the total cost of their student’s program/university, up to the total cost of a semester on-campus. Families should expect to pay approximately the same for a semester off-campus as for a semester on-campus. (Note: aid awards are based on basic housing options, e.g., a double room in a residence hall, rather than a single room).

Families who do not receive aid but take out loans often are able to continue to do so for an accredited off-campus institution and can work with the Student Aid Office in this process.

Families who do not receive Bowdoin aid will pay their student’s program/university fees directly to that institution and provide for related expenses such as flights, visas, and books out-of-pocket.

Finally, your Bowdoin account must be in good standing for you to be eligible to study off campus, and to have your student aid transferred to your program or university. If uncertain of your account status, contact the Bursar’s Office.