Creative as the Day is Long

By Amy Dionne for Bowdoin Magazine

“I can’t image my life without the magic of creativity woven into every part of who I am.”

Amy Dionne

These days, I dance, write, and craft, but I’ve been part of the creative world since I was young, taking part in chorus, band, and theater throughout grade school.

The dance studio is definitely my happy place.

I took my first modern dance class in college for my theater degree and jumped in with both feet. I continue to dance multiple days a week at a local studio.

I’ve been a writer and poet since I was young, with stories and poems in scattered notebooks as a constant companion no matter where I am. I have multiple novels in progress, all in various drafts—mostly fantasy, leaning toward magical realism with paranormal elements. And when I’m not creating, my nose is buried in a book. With a cat or two close by.

I grew up surrounded by handcrafts—quilts, sewing, embroidery, and crochet. The women in my family were all practical, and I inherited that love of making everyday things both functional and beautiful.

Being creative fills my life with meaning. The challenge is there’s only so much time and energy in a day. I have so many creative projects in progress that it’s not easy to stay focused on finishing them.

Being an executive assistant for Matthew Orlando, Bowdoin’s senior vice president for finance and administration, gives my day-to-day life a necessary structure, even though my days are never the same. I love being part of the finance and administration division, and I’m glad to support my office and help make their days run smoothly. It lets me be a part of the inner workings of the side of the College that many don’t see—and pursue my creative projects in my “down” time.


Bowdoin Magazine Winter 2024


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