Published June 17, 2020 by Bowdoin Magazine

Forever Maine

In recognition of the 200th anniversary of Maine’s statehood, the US Postal Service issued a new “forever” stamp featuring a painting by Edward Hopper (1882–1967).
Maine Forever Stamp

The United States Postal Service celebrated the 200th anniversary of Maine statehood with a new Forever stamp featuring “Sea at Ogunquit” by American painter Edward Hopper (1882–1967), a work included in the Bowdoin College Museum of Art’s record-breaking exhibition of 2011.

Painted during the first of nine summers that Hopper spent in Maine, Sea at Ogunquit (1914) captures the state’s iconic rugged coastline. In 2011, the Bowdoin College Museum of Art organized the first comprehensive exhibition devoted to Hopper’s artistic production in Maine, in association with the Whitney Museum of American Art, and Sea at Ogunquit was part of that show. The summer exhibition was a great success, attracting nearly 44,000 visitors to the museum over its run from mid-July until October 16 that year.

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