birgit tautz

Book Honors for Birgit Tautz

The George Taylor Files Professor of Modern Languages wins an academic award for her 2017 book, Translating the World, which “invites a reconsideration German literary history.”

  • Bowdoin’s Laird on NPR

    chryl laird in 2018
    Black America: A Democratic Stronghold?

    Assistant Professor of Government Chryl Laird discusses research from her forthcoming book Steadfast Democrats: How Social Forces Shape Black Political Behavior, which she coauthored with Duke University’s Ismail White.

  • The Food Behind the Studies

    Student puts mustard or melted cheese on his nachos
    Between the Bells: SuperSnack!

    SuperSnack is a highly popular way to fuel late-night studies or merriment. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., Bowdoin Dining lays out its offerings—jello, jalapeno poppers, grilled cheese, nachos, etc.

  • A Public Service Profile

    fred hill '62
    Fred Hill ’62 Talks Journalism and War Games

    Not many people can claim to have had an illustrious twenty-year career promoting the common good on a global scale. Even fewer can say they’ve had two. But, Fred Hill ’62 can say he’s done that and then some.

  • How to Make Yourself an Asset

    ahron cohen w jim caton
    A Curious Path to the NHL

    Ahron Cohen '06 recently described himself as “the one guy [from] Minnesota that didn’t skate, didn’t play hockey.” It is perhaps ironic then that he is now the CEO and president of the Arizona Coyotes hockey team.

  • The Politics of Carbon Pricing

    CO2 written on a chalkboard
    From Medical Doctor to Climate Lobbyist

    Washington DC-based climate lobbyist Danny Richter—who trained as a doctor—discusses the changing political landscape and explains why a carbon tax makes economic sense.

  • Meet Some New Faces

    campus in fall
    College Welcomes Five New Tenure-Track Faculty

    This fall, Bowdoin welcomes five new tenure-track faculty members in a variety of fields, from Africana studies to neuroscience, by way of music, chemistry, and religion.

  • Back in Brunswick

    2019 Alumni Council Members on the steps of Moulton Union
    Fall Alumni Council Conference

    Thirty-two Polar Bears returned to campus for the Alumni Council Fall Volunteer Conference. The Alumni Council represents more than 20,000 Bowdoin alumni.  

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