• Paws On

    A student holds a bear cub in northern Maine
    In the Field: Tagging Bear Cubs in Northern Maine

    Students in Patty’s Jones’ BIOL 3308/ENVS3308 course, Research in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology, traveled to the northern part of the state to meet with bear biologists from Maine Inland Fish & Wildlife.

  • Future-Facing

    Joe Adu '07
    An Ambitious Mission

    Former psychology major Joe Adu ’07 takes a human approach to technology.

  • In the Field

    Carrie Niederman '82
    Say Neigh

    Mobile equine dentist Carrie Niederman ’82 covers a lot of ground around Houston, Texas, tasked with the important work of keeping horses healthy, starting with their mouths.

  • Pathfinder

    Bob Packard '58
    Numbers Guy

    Robert Packard ’58, emeritus math professor at Northern Arizona University, is an accomplished international mountain climber and former record-setting master’s runner.

  • Q&A

    Chuck Dorn
    Higher Ed in Flux

    Professor of Education Charles Dorn argues that we can’t understand what’s going on with colleges and universities today until we examine their history, and how society has viewed, them over the course of time.

  • Get to Know

    Stephanie and Lisa Rendall
    A Family Affair

    Lisa Rendall just celebrated her twentieth year working at Bowdoin, and her daughter Stephanie Rendall is halfway through her first.

  • "We joke around a lot—"

    Elliot Ketchel '21
    Happy People Ski Faster

    Led by coach Nathan Alsobrook ’97, the Bowdoin Nordic ski team is quirky, competitive, and above all else, fun.

  • Soft Ethnography

    A detail of the stitching
    Stitches in Time

    Three scholars from Bowdoin's Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum will travel to Labrador with rare Inuit embroideries, in the hopes of sparking recognition and remembrance from the smallest detail.

  • Bowdoin Magazine

    Fritz Koelln portrait by Andreas Ventura
    Each Day Anew

    Professor Fritz Koelln, an intellectual whirlwind and deeply kind soul, imparted more than a life’s worth of lessons to his student and friend Neill Reilly ’71.

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