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Definitions of Evaluation Ratings

*Needs Improvement: 

Needs to improve performance to meet expected levels in some areas of performance.  Employees in this category may inconsistently meet established norms and standards for the position or may regularly fail to meet the established standards and goals for the position.  Immediate and sustained improvement is required.


Consistently meets and occasionally exceeds requirements of the position and performs in a fully satisfactory, reliable manner.  Performance is competent and consistent, resulting in a regular, ongoing achievement of the established standards for the position.  Performance in this category enhances the opportunity of the work unit to achieve its goal.

*Highly Commendable:

Frequently exceeds requirements of the position; performance is significantly above expectations.  Achievements surpass the norm in a manner that makes an identifiable difference in the work that is important, understood, and accepted by both the supervisor and the employee.  An employee inthis category usually meets all of the standards and objectives and makes regular contributions beyond the demands of his/her job.

* Comments are REQUIRED for ratings of "Needs Improvement" and "Highly Commendable."

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