Workday Time Records

October 2018

Policy: The College uses Workday, Inc., for its human capital management and its automated, electronic time and attendance system. All non-exempt (hourly) employees are required to complete time records (via time clock or through Workday time entry) for supervisory approval every biweekly pay period. Supervisors must submit time records no later than noon on the Monday after the end of the pay period.

An employee must submit, and his/her supervisor must approve the time record before a payment can be generated for the employee. Time records provide Payroll with the information necessary for computing the correct amount of pay and are also the basic source of permanent recording of employee attendance, vacation, sick time, holiday pay and all other compensated or non-compensated absences. 

Exempt employees must submit administrative exception time each month verifying time that was not worked due to sick, vacation, doctor's appointments, etc.

A time record is a legal document and when an employee submits it, he/she is certifying that he/she worked the stated hours and is entitled to the appropriate pay in accordance with hours recorded on the time record. Time record corrections for a prior pay period must be made in writing and signed by both the employee and supervisor. Falsifying a time record, filling out another employee's time record or punching the time clock, or having another employee fill out one's time record or time clock punch are all cause for disciplinary action. Questions about time records should be addressed to Payroll (x3584 or x3843).