Overtime Pay

Date: January 2016

Policy: Consistent with applicable federal and state wage and hour laws, all hours in excess of 40 worked by a non-exempt (hourly) employee during a work week will be paid at a rate of one and one half times the employee’s regular rate of pay.

The College’s practice is that time for vacation, sick, holiday*, jury duty, and bereavement, when taken in accordance with College policy, will be considered hours worked for purposes of calculating a non-exempt employee’s entitlement to overtime.  For example, if an employee reports 8 hours vacation on Monday and works 10 hours on Friday, he/she would be paid 2 hours of overtime for the week. 

*Please note that if an employee works on a holiday and chooses to be paid as well, the concurrent hours are not considered when calculating overtime.  For example, if an employee works his regularly scheduled 8 hours on a College holiday and elects to be paid (Workday Time code: Holiday Worked Paid), then the actual hours worked (8 hours) will be counted toward the calculation of overtime.  However, the concurrent 8 hours of paid time for working on the holiday are NOT counted toward overtime.  The employee’s Workday Timesheet will indicate 8 hours of Holiday Worked Paid; the Workday pay slip will indicate a total of 16 hours.