Campus Non-Smoking Environment

Updated: January 2020

Philosophy and Purpose: This non-smoking environment policy was adopted to provide for the improved health and safety of all College students, staff, and visitors. The policy is in compliance with the state of Maine's Workplace Smoking Act of 1985, and Maine's Act to Protect Maine Citizens from the Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (effective January 1, 1994).

Policy: There is no smoking or use of vaping devices (including but not limited to, mods, pens, hookahs, JUULs, and e-cigarettes) in any campus buildings or within 50' of any campus building including entryways, open windows, and stairwells.

As of July 2018, individuals must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older to purchase, possess, or consume tobacco and tobacco products in Maine (except individuals born before July 1, 2000). It is illegal for minors (20 years of age or younger) to purchase, possess, or consume tobacco products in Maine.

Smoking is also prohibited in all College owned vehicles.

Although the College sponsors smoking cessation programs and encourages employees to refrain from using tobacco products for health reasons, the College will not discipline or discriminate against an employee who uses tobacco products outside his/her employment. However, the College may discipline or discharge an employee who uses tobacco products at work in violation of the smoking policy.

Employees who smoke outdoors should dispose of smoking materials in appropriate receptacles. Supervisors in each area are responsible to enforce the smoking policy and determine when breaks are appropriate for smoking. Complaints about smoking in the workplace should be directed to Human Resources or the Environmental Health and Safety Office.