Transfers, Promotions, and Reclassifications

Date: April 2007

Policy: Policy: Transfers, promotions, and reclassifications allow an employee to change positions within his/her own department or between departments within the College.


A transfer is an employment movement within the College from one position or department to another. A transfer can be moving to a position at the same band, to a position at a higher band (promotion), or to a position at a lower band. Employees who have satisfactorily completed the six-month adaptation period may apply to transfer to another position at the College. To apply for internal positions, an employee should complete an online application via and submit appropriate materials, as instructed when attaching the application to the available position. Interviews are granted based upon candidates’ qualifications for the position.


A promotion is an employment transfer to a position at a higher band, either within a department or in a different College department. When appropriate, from a College equity perspective, a promotion might be accompanied by an increase in compensation. The department manager in consultation with Human Resources will make any compensation determinations.
To apply for a position that would be a promotion, an employee should complete a job application and submit a letter of interest and resume as outlined above.


A reclassification is a major adjustment of an employee’s current job, job description, and sometimes in rare instances, the pay band associated with his/her position. It recognizes that position responsibilities may substantially grow and change over time in ways that should be formally reflected by the College’s compensation plan. If significant job changes have occurred, an employee and supervisor will need to meet with Human Resources to determine if a reclassification is appropriate.