Date: January 2007

Policy: Employees or former employees interested in obtaining references should direct their requests to Human Resources. Likewise, supervisors receiving requests for references should direct them to Human Resources. In the interest of aiding present or past employees in securing credit, employment, or admission to educational institutions, the following information will be verified in response to telephoned verbal requests:
Title of Position
Date of Hire (day, month and year)
Date of Termination of Employment

Additional information will be provided by Human Resources only upon written authorization from the employee. Employees should understand that if they sign a pre-printed questionnaire from another employer, Human Resources staff will answer all questions according to the records and recommendations of the department where the employee works (or has worked). If an employee authorizes the College to release information, the employee waives the right to hold the College liable for providing that information. If the employee prepares his or her own letter of authorization asking the College to release employment information, (s)he should itemize the specific data to be released in the authorization letter.

If a supervisor or co-worker serves as a personal or professional reference for another employee or former employee, it should be made clear that such a reference does not represent an official reference from Bowdoin College.

Before providing any reference discussing any aspects of an individual's work, please consult with Human Resources.