Job Descriptions

Date: April 2007

Policy: Each position at the College should have a current job description. It is the responsibility of the supervisor or department head to update and ascertain that each employee has a current and accurate job description. Job descriptions are maintained in an online Job Description Library using Recruit.
A job description summarizes:

  • The purpose of the job and its essential functions;
  • The necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities, including any degrees, licenses, certificates or registrations required to perform the job;
  • The type and amount of experience required to perform the job;
  • Physical requirements;
  • Working conditions under which the job is typically performed;
  • The department within which the position falls;
  • The position to which the job reports;
  • Daily departmental, college, and outside contacts;
  • Supervisory responsibility (if any);
  • Job tasks, duties and responsibilities.

The duties listed in a job description are not all-inclusive, but list the major responsibilities. A supervisor or department head may assign additional duties not noted in the job description.

In an effort to maintain a high level of occupational safety and wellness, the College has identified certain jobs on campus as having substantial physical requirements warranting a pre-placement physical exam. This requirement is noted in the job description. In accordance with ADA requirements, the pre-placement physical examination is ordered once the job has been offered and prior to the start of employment.

Jobs typically change over time, so it is important that job descriptions be updated by supervisors when necessary using Recruit.  Additionally, each year during the annual performance appraisal process, supervisors have an opportunity to update job descriptions for their employees. All job descriptions are written in compliance with ADA and EEOC guidelines.