College Uniforms, Equipment and Keys

Date: January 2007

Policy: Uniforms and equipment are issued by individual departments (e.g., Facilities Management, Dining Services, Security, etc.) according to each department's policy. Issue may depend on the status of employment (full-time, part-time, or adaptation period completion). Employees should contact their supervisors for specific information regarding the policy in their department.

The One Card Office is responsible for key inventory and control. If employees require access to various buildings and areas in order to perform their jobs, appropriate keys will be issued. Employees must sign for and remain responsible for any keys issued to them. Employees must not copy or lend keys to others, and must report it immediately if a key is lost or stolen. Some buildings use the ID card access system; in general, the same rules apply.

College-owned keys, uniforms and equipment issued to employees should only be used for their intended purpose. They remain property of the College and must be returned upon termination of employment. It is the responsibility of the employee to return all College-owned property prior to the last day of work.