Adaptation Period - New Employees and Transfers

Date: January 2007

Policy: The adaptation period is a time of on-the-job orientation for new employees Each regular full-time and part-time staff member will be subject to a six-month adaptation period following the date of hire.

New Hires

At the end of six months, an adaptation review will be performed and the supervisor and employee will discuss the employee's performance, suitability for, and adjustment to the position. The supervisor may elect to extend the adaptation period based on performance or in the event of an extended absence. Employment during and after the adaptation period is at will. Casual employees and temporary employees with appointments of one year or less are not subject to a formal adaptation period. Employees who are in their adaptation period may not apply for other positions on campus without the approval of their supervisor and the Director of Human Resources.


A "transfer" is defined as an employee moving from a position in one department to a different position in another department OR an employee who moves to a significantly different role within the same department. An individual who transfers to a different position (whether at the same grade level or a different grade level) within the College is subject to a new cycle of performance evaluations for the new position. The first performance evaluation will be scheduled within 6 months of the date of the transfer.