Scholarships for Dependents of Faculty and Staff

Date: June 2023

Policy: Bowdoin College offers a scholarship program to the legal tax dependent child/ren of benefits eligible full- and part-time employees who have completed seven (7) continuous years of employment with the College. To be eligible for the fall semester benefit, the seven (7) years of continuous service must be completed on or before September 1st and to be eligible for the spring semester benefit, the seven (7) years of continuous service must be completed on or before January 1st. The child must be accepted as a regular student at an institution that offers a post-high school, undergraduate educational program leading to the first baccalaureate or associate degree and is accredited by a recognized regional or professional accrediting agency.

The College establishes a fixed scholarship amount each year. For the 2023-2024 academic year, the scholarship amount is up to $7,650 toward tuition and fees (does not include books or supplies).  An eligible child may receive the scholarship for up to eight (8) semesters, provided that the child maintains a quality of work equal at least to the graduation average required at the institution attended.

In the case of a part-time employee who has completed seven (7) continuous years of employment, the annual scholarship amount will be prorated based on the employee's FTE. If both parents of a college age child are eligible employees, the annual scholarship amount will be doubled.

To take advantage of this program, employees should contact Human Resources for the current scholarship amount and provide Human Resources with the child's full name, student ID number and the name/address of the child's prospective college or university. Employees may also be required to sign an affidavit stating that the child is a tax dependent. Certification forms will be sent out to the participating colleges by Human Resources in early July and December. The checks are issued to the colleges on a semester basis as the completed certification forms are received back in Human Resources. One half of the full benefit amount is mailed in the fall semester and the remaining half is sent in the spring semester.