Polar Plus

Date: July 2014

Policy: Any regular full-time and part-time, benefits-eligible employee may elect to use his/her Bowdoin identification card to charge purchases from Dining Service, the Bookstore, or Campus Services. The cost of all purchases will be deducted automatically from the next paycheck. Academic year employees must refrain from using Polar Plus to charge purchases during the summer months when they are not regularly working and/or receiving a biweekly paycheck.

To participate, eligible employees must complete a Polar Plus Deduction Authorization form issued by Human Resources or available via HRforYou self-service. If employees choose to use Polar Plus they will receive a small discount for certain Dining Services purchases. Employees are responsible for all charges. To cancel Polar Plus usage, employees must notify Human Resources in writing. Upon notice of an employee's termination, the College reserves the right to limit and/or end Polar Plus privileges. The College also reserves the right to terminate this agreement by notifying employees in writing.