Jury Duty

Date: November 2017

Policy: Leaves of absence with full pay will be granted to all personnel selected for jury duty service. Employees summoned for juror service must present a copy of the summons to their department head. This copy should be forwarded to Human Resources for inclusion in the employee's personnel file. For each work day an employee serves as a juror, the College will pay customary wages or salary, provided the employee presents proof of jury service with his/her time record (e.g., signed jury slip from the Court). The employee must also notify the supervisor on a daily basis when jury service is required. If an employee is released early from jury service, he/she should contact a supervisor for instruction on whether to report for the remainder of a scheduled shift but generally speaking it is expected the employee will return to work if released from jury duty during regular working hours. Alternatively the time may be accounted for using accrued vacation with supervisor approval.

Employees regularly scheduled to work either the second or third shift will receive the customary shift differentials as part of their compensation. Hours spent as a juror will be considered as "hours worked" and will therefore be counted in the calculation of overtime, up to the regularly scheduled hours for each day.

Third shift employees are released for the night shift prior to the day of jury service. First and second shift employees are released for the day or evening of the day of jury service. If not required to serve on a particular day after reporting for jury duty, a first or second shift employee is expected to report to work.

Hourly employees reporting time in Workday should indicate the pay code "JD " for jury duty for the actual hours served on each date of service. The remainder of the time should either be recorded as regular hours worked or as vacation time, with supervisor approval.