Attendance Policy

(from the Conduct of Instruction for Faculty in the Faculty Handbook)

Students should place the highest priority on their academic work. Extra-curricular activities are also crucial to the College’s purpose of developing the individual talents and abilities of its students. Faculty, students, coaches, administrators and staff share responsibility for creating an environment wherein curricular and extra-curricular activities are appropriately balanced. In cases where academic and extra-curricular activities conflict, students are expected to place highest priority on academic activities. These guidelines are intended to clarify responsibilities regarding class attendance and the scheduling of courses and extra-curricular activities.

At the beginning of each semester, instructors will make clear to students the attendance regulations of each course. All required meetings outside of the regular course meeting times, such as film screenings, field trips, etc., should also be made clear at the beginning of the semester. It is expected that activities such as timed mid-semester examinations should normally occur during the regular scheduled class time. Extra classes and/or special events, scheduled after the beginning of the semester, which conflict with the meeting times of other scheduled activities should not be mandatory. No student is required to take an examination or fulfill other scheduled course requirements on recognized religious holidays or on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Students are expected to declare their intention to observe these holidays at the beginning of the semester.

In their scheduling, all extra-curricular groups should make every effort to minimize missed classes. No activities shall be scheduled in the final two days of the reading period or during the exam period. Students are responsible for all course material missed due to any absence from any academic activity.

In recognizing the educational value of extra-curricular pursuits, faculty members are encouraged to make reasonable accommodations to students when conflicts arise. It is expected that students will approach faculty in a timely and responsible fashion to discuss these situations. Faculty are under no obligation to make any exceptions. As a reference, traditionally students have been allowed to miss no more than three hours of a single class in any semester.

With regard to post-season athletic competition and other extra-curricular events that arise from the achievements of students during the semester, the College recognizes that these are unique and special opportunities. However, while cooperation is encouraged, faculty are under no obligation. The athletic department or other supervising department is expected to help in these situations. For example, coaches or administrators may be asked to proctor exams. The Dean of Students will consider approving incompletes on a case-by-case basis.