Published June 01, 2020 by Rubin Jones '22

City of Fayetteville​ Sustainability Intern​

The importance of resiliency building.

Fayetteville’s Sustainability Department works to improve the City’s quality of life, natural ecosystems, and built environment through “programs, projects, and policies that promote sustainability and resilience in both the government and the community.”

My time as an intern was spent working on major data reports for CDP, ICLEI, and LEED for Cities. These organizations assess a community’s overall sustainability based on metrics that range from water efficiency and waste management to housing and transportation. As such, I frequently communicated with private stakeholders and government leaders in order to obtain the necessary information.  

This internship improved my data literacy immensely and helped me better appreciate the role that such information plays in resiliency building. And despite the reputation that surrounds data management, I found the metrics and figures to be the most interesting part of my work. I am grateful for this experience and the guidance it has given me toward a future career, and am excited to continue working with the Department through the fall.