Published June 01, 2021 by Zeynep Tuna '22

AirCar Corp

Flying cars of the future.

When we look to tomorrow at AirCar Corp. we think of an all-electric, autonomous, and intelligent flying car that defines our vision of tomorrow. With its technology, AirCar provides answers to questions about flying cars of the future. 

During my internship, I designed and programmed the 2 screens located in the cockpit of the flying car. The main screen consisted of seven flight indicators, displaying the real-time data received from the sensors. The right screen consisted of a basic heads-up display layered on the camera view.

I loved that everyday for me was a new, challenging mission that I had to decipher by myself. I improved my skills in UI/UX Design, Python, using different libraries such as PyQt5, and web-socket integration significantly in the process. I came to the realization that UI/UX Design might just be what I want to pursue as a career in the future!