Resources and Opportunities

There are a wide variety of resources and experiences available to Classics students.

Bowdoin is a participating member of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, where students in both major programs can study in their junior year. In addition, Bowdoin students with interests in the Greek world can study at College Year in Athens. It is also possible to receive course credit for field experience on excavations. Interested students should consult members of the department for further information.

The Department of Classics will provide two to three grants of up to $1000 in support of student participation in archaeological excavations that investigate ancient Greek, ancient Roman, or ancient Mediterranean cultures, or for summer language study in Greek or Latin.

Classics students of all levels should check out these online resources for help on class work and research.

The Classics department awards prizes to sophomore, junior, and senior students each spring. There are four different prizes: the Hannibal Hamlin Emery Latin Prize, the Nathan Goold Prize, the Sewall Greek Prize, and the Sewall Latin Prize.