Student Research

Below are past honors project titles for the Classics department. A print version of each honors project is deposited in the Bowdoin College Library’s Department of Special Collections & Archives. Online access can sometimes be found through the Digital Commons.

Honors Projects

Socratic swearing: Explaining Informal Oaths in Plato's Dialogues

By: Julianna G. Lewis '18

Julia Domna as Mater Familias : The Power of Portrayal 

By: Louisa Moore '18

A Moral Contradiction: Cicero and Seneca on Natural Law and Slavery

By: Taylor K. Haist '17

Political polupragmones: Busybody Athenians, Meddlesome Citizenship, and Epistemic Democracy in Classical Athens

By: Harry D. Rube '16

To Be Good Men under Bad Rulers: Political Dissent under the Early Roman Principate 

By: John D. Izzo '15

The Hellenistic Poets and Poetic Community in Virgil's Eclogues

By: Caitlin E.H. Maddox '14

A Modern-Day Akharnians: Adapting Aristophanes to the Twenty-First Century

By: Brittany M. Johnson '12

Playing the Part: Theatricality in the Mosaics of the Hellenistic World 

By: Anne T. Streetman '12

From the Rowing Benches to the Assembly: The Fifth-Century Athenian Navy and Democratic Education 

By: Elliott J. Munn '12

Tyranny and Paralysis: An Examination of Tiberius and the Senate in Tacitus's Annals

By: Stephen A.D. Shennan '12