Refund Policy

Students leaving the College during the course of a semester are refunded tuition and fees based on the following schedule:

  • During the first two weeks: 80%
  • During the third week: 60%
  • During the fourth week: 40%
  • During the fifth week: 20%
  • Over five weeks: No refund

After adjustments for fixed commitments and applicable overhead expense, refunds for room and board are prorated on a daily basis in accordance with the student’s attendance based on the College’s calendar. Students who are dismissed from the College within the first five weeks for other than academic or medical reasons are not entitled to refunds.

College grants, in coordination with other funds received, will be credited in proportion to educational expenses, but in no case will they exceed total charges to be collected. Title IV funds (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Grant, and Federal Direct Loans) will be refunded to the source in accordance with federal regulations and in the proscribed order. Federal funds are earned based on the number of days the student is in attendance for the semester. There is no federal refund after the student has attended 60 percent of the semester. Unearned Department of Defense Tuition Assistance funds are returned to the source on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the period for which the funds apply. Refunds will be made within thirty days of the student’s departure or date of determination of the student’s departure, whichever is later.

In the case of a student who must withdraw because of activation for military service, the College will work to identify solutions that will not result in additional student debt for the required return of funds providing the student’s bill was paid in full prior to the withdrawal.

All students acknowledge and agree to the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement  at the time of enrollment.