Seminar Series

Biology Department Thursday Seminar Speaker Schedule


Fall Semester 2020

Hosted Remotely Wednesdays: 1:10 p.m.

September 16, 2020
Susan Elias, Vector-borne Disease Lab, Maine Medical Center Research Institute (Host: Barry Logan)

September 30, 2020
To be announced

October 14, 2020
Jared Talbot, University of Maine (Host: Bill Jackman)
Muscle development and differentiation in zebrafish offer insights into human diseases

October 21, 2020
Nikki Trailer-Knowles, University of Miami (Host: Justin Baumann)
Understanding coral immunity and its applications for coral reef restoration

November 4, 2020
Veronica Flores, Furman University (Host: Hadley Horch)
The experienced palate is a smart palate: A behavioral and neural investigation of taste learning

November 18, 2020
Beronda Montgomery, Michigan State (Host: Barry Logan)
Seeing The Light: Plant Color Vision and Developmental Acclimation

December 2, 2020
Alix Howell, Dartmouth College and the VA Medical Center, White River Junction (Host: Anne McBride)

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