The Curriculum

Danielle H. Dube, Program Director
Emily Murphy, Program Coordinator

Professor: Bruce D. Kohorn (Biology)
Associate Professors: Danielle H. Dube (Chemistry), Benjamin C. Gorske (Chemistry), Anne E. McBride (Biology)
Assistant Professor: Kana Takematsu† (Chemistry)
Laboratory Instructors: Aimee Eldridge, Kate R. Farnham

Contributing Faculty: Stephanie Richards

Requirements for the Major in Biochemistry

Required courses:

  • Biology 1102 or 1109
  • Biology 2124
  • Chemistry 1092, 1102, or 1109
  • Chemistry 2250, 2260, 2320, and 2510
  • Mathematics 1700 or higher
  • one of the following physics classes for Bowdoin credit: Physics 1130, Physics 1140, or Physics 2130

Two electives from the following (One must be 3000 or above.):

  • Biology 2210, Plant Ecophysiology
  • Biology 2112, Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Biology 2118, Microbiology
  • Biology 2175, Developmental Biology
  • Biology 2557, Immunology
  • Biology 2566, Molecular Neurobiology
  • Biology 3304, The RNA World
  • Biology 3306, Free Radicals and Antioxidants
  • Biology 3314, Advanced Genetics and Epigenetics
  • Biology 3333, Advanced Cell Biology
  • Chemistry 2100, Chemical Analysis
  • Chemistry 3250, Structure Determination in Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry 3270, Biomimetic and Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Chemistry 3310, Chemical Biology
  • Chemistry 3510, Reactivity and Kinetics

A minimum of eleven courses from among the required and elective biochemistry courses must be completed for the major. Students placing into Math 1800 or higher must take Math 1300 (Biostatistics), Math 1400 (Statistics in the Sciences), or one math course at the 1800 level or above.

Students placing out of Biology 1109, Chemistry 1109, Physics 1130 or 1140 must still complete a minimum of eleven courses related to biochemistry.

Additional Information

  • Only one D grade is allowed in courses required for the major. This D must be offset by a grade of B or higher in another course also required for the major. Students may not count courses taken Credit/D/Fail toward the major.
  • Advanced placement exams are used for placement in courses for the biochemistry major, but do not count toward the eleven courses required for the major.
  • Biochemistry majors cannot minor or major in biology, chemistry, or neuroscience. Bowdoin does not offer a minor in biochemistry.
  • Students may request transfer credit by talking with the program director the semester prior to enrolling in a course.
  • Independent studies do not count as an elective, but can count as one of the eleven required courses for the major.