For Developers

While some accessibility issues are managed by those creating content, other issues fall to the application owners and developers responsible for administering, managing, and/or building the content platforms themselves.

Third-Party Applications

Application owners and product managers overseeing third-party platforms should be sure to request accessibility improvements from vendors as issues are identified. Application owners should seek alternative solutions of comparable quality and value if the vendor denies such requests.

Offices looking to secure licenses for new products must work with the Project Management Office in IT to assess a product’s accessibility before purchasing.

Bowdoin-Managed Applications

For platforms managed by Bowdoin, product managers and developers should work together to resolve accessibility issues identified in WCAG.


Documentation for the digital tools we use to publish content and conduct administrative and academic tasks should also be accessible; PDFs and screenshots are not sufficient. Visit the Google Developer Documentation Style Guide for some pointers on how to write documentation appropriately.