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Workday @ Bowdoin
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Bowdoin is excited to announce that we have chosen Workday as our full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system partner. Spanning a five-year timeline from 2021-2025, Bowdoin will build on our current use of Workday in Human Resources and expenses and payroll to implement Workday for Finance and Workday for Student. This transition will allow the college to have most of our administrative data in one single, unified system.

For our Workday Finance and Student implementations, Bowdoin will partner with Cognizant Solutions, formerly Collaborative Solutions, a firm that specializes in offering tailored solutions to corporate and Higher Education clients. They have been a Workday implementation partner since the start of Workday, have a 100% deployment success rate and a 98% customer satisfaction rate. This partnership with Cognizant is designed to ensure that Workday's accounting and financial management tools meet both Bowdoin's and our auditors' specialized needs. It also sets our HR team up for success by helping them manage and implement updates and upgrades to our current Workday functionality. Lastly, our partnership with Cognizant will provide Bowdoin’s Workday Student project team expert guidance throughout the duration of the implementation to ensure we have an advanced and sustainable solution when finished. 

In the interest of keeping the community up to date about the ongoing ERP project, members of Bowdoin's Workday Team will continue to add information to this project website. Future iterations will include a project calendar, Workday training opportunities, videos, presentations, and a project blog.

If at any point you have questions about this project or its process, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Workday Project Team via email.

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