Off-Campus Study

Mariya Ilyas '14

Students have the opportunity to broaden and enrich their education through participation in semester- and year-long programs of off-campus study. Bowdoin regards off-campus study as an extension of the on-campus educational experience and expects students to choose courses in the field of liberal arts that are academically engaging and complementary to their studies at Bowdoin. For more information, here is an overview of how student aid works while you are studying away.

Approval & credits

To apply academic credit earned in an off-campus study program toward your Bowdoin degree, you must obtain approval in advance from the Office of Off-Campus Study. Contact the Office of Off-Campus Study for more information on credit options.

NOTE: The College’s concern to maintain a balance between the number of students away during the fall and spring terms could affect final Off-Campus approval.

Off Campus Study Guidelines

Students contemplating off-campus study should consult the online Guidelines for Off-Campus Study published by the Office of Off-Campus Study. We urge students to begin planning early in the academic year prior to the year in which they hope to study abroad. You must complete both a preliminary application in November and a full application in February to request permission to study away. Students must also apply directly to the university or program they wish to attend.

Important: Application deadlines for individual programs vary considerably; it is the responsibility of the student to determine and meet these deadlines.

Bowdoin charges an off-campus study fee. Student aid normally continues to be available for students who qualify.

Depending on their academic needs, students select from the options list of approximately one hundred programs and universities kept by the Office of Off-Campus Study.  For more information, please visit the Off-Campus Study web site.