Net Price by Income

About half of Bowdoin’s current students qualify for require need-based institutional aid to help them pay for college. Thanks to the generosity of Bowdoin alumni, parents, and friends, we are able to fully fund that need.

Net price is the amount a family pays for one year at the College - the difference between the total cost of education (tuition, fees, room, housing, food, books, personal expenses, and travel), and all grants and scholarships. The parent contribution, student earnings expectation, and academic year campus employment cover the family’s share.

If you know your approximate family income, use Bowdoin’s Net Price by Income table below to estimate your net price at Bowdoin.

Bowdoin Median Net Price Based on Income*

Total Family Income Median Net Price
$0-$30,000 $4,200**
$30,001-$48,000 $4,700
$48,001-$75,000 $9,100
$75,001-$110,000 $17,500
$110,001-$150,000 $23,400
$150,001-$200,000 $36,834
$200,001 or more $47,250

Table represents first-year students entering Fall 2023.

The table above shows what typical full-time students who are US residents and received need-based aid pay.

For a more accurate estimate of what Bowdoin might cost your family, please complete our net price calculator. When you receive your net price calculator results, we invite you to send them to Once we receive your results, we will contact you for a more in-depth conversation about affording a Bowdoin education.

* These numbers may differ from other published net price indexes (e.g., College Scorecard and College Navigator). Bowdoin’s Net Price by Income uses medians rather than averages, reflects students who receive Bowdoin need-based aid, and includes more income ranges than other indexes.

** Domestic aided students at Bowdoin typically have a summer earnings expectation of $2,300 and a campus job earnings expectation during the academic year of $2,200.