New FAFSA Information for the Class of 2028

Will the delayed launch of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) impact the admission process and the affordability of a Bowdoin education?

No. Bowdoin’s commitment to our generous need-based aid program is not changing due to the updates being made to the FAFSA nor the delayed date of its availability (expected December 31, 2023). At Bowdoin the FAFSA is used only to determine eligibility for federal aid. Our aid application deadlines, except for the FAFSA, will remain the same, as we will be able to determine your eligibility for aid using the College Board’s CSS/PROFILE along with the income tax information we collect. We will still require the FAFSA to be completed once it is available, but we will use it solely to verify any eligibility for federal aid (grants, loans, student employment).