Graduate Scholarship Details

Graduate School Scholarship  -  Application open in February 2025.

Please use our electronic application to apply and feel free to contact the Office of Student Aid if you need further assistance.

Please see below to review the qualifications for each scholarship.

  • Tom Cassidy Student Support Fund: To provide financial assistance, not necessarily need-based, in the form of loans and grants, for a Bowdoin graduate to pursue a graduate-level degree and career in journalism.
  • Charles Carroll Everett Scholarship: Given to that graduate of Bowdoin College whom the president and faculty shall deem the best qualified to take a postgraduate course in either this or some other country.
  • Guy Charles Howard Scholarship: To provide qualified graduates with financial assistance to take a postgraduate course in this or some other country, such student(s) to be designated by the faculty.
  • George and Mary Knox Scholarship: To provide scholarship assistance to qualified Bowdoin College graduates enrolled as full-time students at either Harvard University Medical School, Harvard University Law School, or Harvard University Business School. To be considered for this scholarship, the candidate must apply for student financial aid at the appropriate Harvard University School in addition to filing the Bowdoin Application for Graduate Scholarship Aid.
  • Henry W. Longfellow Graduate Scholarship: A graduate scholarship that would enable a Bowdoin student, after graduation, to pursue graduate work in some other college, or abroad if considered desirable; the work to be done in English or general literature, and the field to be as large as possible.
  • The Wilmot Brookings Mitchell Graduate Scholarship: An award of $1,000 or more to a member of each graduating class who has majored in English and intends to teach English. The winning candidate to be selected on the basis of character as well as superior ability and talent for teaching. The award is to be used to help defray the costs of graduate work in a leading university in this country or England.
  • Galen C. Moses Graduate Scholarship: To be awarded to a student, or students, most proficient in any natural science during their Bowdoin undergraduate studies, who shall actually pursue a postgraduate course in such science at any recognized college or university.
  • O'Brien Scholarship Fund: To provide a graduate scholarship for advanced study in either the US or abroad.
  • Lee G. Paul Scholarship: To provide financial assistance to graduates of Bowdoin College attending Harvard University School of Law and requiring student financial aid.
  • Robinson-Davis Fund: To provide graduate scholarships for students, preferably natives and residents of the state of Maine, who intend to study and practice law.
  • 919 Fellowship Fund: To provide Bowdoin graduates scholarship assistance to those pursuing graduate study at Harvard Business School or pediatric medicine.
  • Root Graduate Scholarship: To graduates of Bowdoin College who are Maine residents pursuing graduate work in chemistry, archaeology, or medicine.