Institutional Review Board (IRB)

All research involving human subjects must be submitted for IRB approval.
COVID-19 Guidance
Visit the COVID-19 Guidance page for guidelines re: conducting human subjects research.

2022-23 Institutional Review Board Committee


Chair: Doris Santoro

IRB Administrator: Emily Murphy

For more information about the role of the IRB, or for answers to questions about the submission process, please email or Chair, Doris Santoro (

student with head probes watching a video
A student participating in a study to gather data on spatial memory, decision making, and learning.

Fall 2022 Semester Meetings:

Meeting Date Submission Deadline Response to Pre-Review Deadline*
September 22, 2022 September 1, 2022 September 15, 2022
October 20, 2022 September 29, 2022 October 13, 2022
November 17, 2022 October 27, 2022 November 10, 2022
December 8, 2022 November 17, 2022 December 1, 2022


Protocols must be submitted three weeks in advance of the scheduled IRB meeting to be eligible for review. This allows adequate time for the committee to conduct a proper review. Protocols submitted in less time may not be reviewed until the next scheduled meeting. The IRB also requests three weeks for projects not requiring full committee review (including modifications or continuing reviews of existing protocols).

*A protocol pre-review will be conducted by designated IRB members and returned to the PI for revisions. The pre-review deadline is set to allow the IRB to have adequate time to review the requested revisions before the scheduled meeting.   

What you need before you can begin your protocol submission:

First step, all principal investigators, faculty advisors, staff members, students, or guests of the college planning to participate in a research project involving human subjects must receive training in Human Participant Protection. This training must be renewed every 3 years so we encourage you to ensure that your certification remains valid even if you have taken the training in the past. 

You will also need to provide/upload, as applicable:
  • Detailed study information
  • Information about collaborating sites (e.g., contact information for their IRB, letters of support)
  • Informed consent/assent forms (template)
  • Interviews/instruments/questionnaires
  • Study recruitment tools (e.g., emails, ads)

Please submit all IRB protocols online at

If you are having difficulty signing in to Cayuse, please email