Research Integrity

The purpose of this page is to provide information about Research Integrity Programs and compliance requirements for faculty, staff, employees, and students affiliated with Bowdoin College who conduct research.

Federal laws governing the regulation of research require that institutions of higher education appoint a high-ranking official, such as a CEO, COO, director of research, or dean as the Institutional Official (IO).

The senior vice president and dean for academic affairs at Bowdoin is the Bowdoin IO. By federal law, the IO bears ultimate responsibility for Bowdoin research programs and their regulatory boards, including:

The IO, in collaboration with the Committee on Faculty Governance and Affairs (GFA), selects members of research oversight committees. The committees report directly to the IO. The committees have direct responsibility for decision-making and policy approval for research activities under their authority. The Office of Sponsored Research provides administrative development and staff support to these committees.